Friday, April 25, 2014

Fall Before Springtime


Maryam Sakeenah

Nameless One!
Too soon gone,
While I, my puerile human self 
Dreamt of a welcome
Strewing rosebuds along your untrodden path
Too soon wilted- 
A Fall before Springtime.

And I could not say goodbye
Helpless, my hands tied
I saw you taken away;
Bereft, I saw you
Ripped from my sore, bleeding flesh
And I learnt of my crippling helplessness,
A mortal weakness I could not surmount-
Mere flesh...

And yet, not quite
For I feel the Indissoluble Bond
Decreed by an Immortal Word: 'Be!'
O Flesh of my flesh, Spirit of my spirit!
We mourn but the rotting flesh
Buried under unknown darknesses...
But I take heart in the fact
That you were, are and always will be
Lodged in my wounded heart
Bound with the silken ties of a love undying
Washed in sacred tears

And in another, better world
I see you rest in serenity
In a warm embrace
More loving than a seventy mothers